Love Well

Are you aware of the gender differences in love and marriage?

According to a survey conducted by reputable sociologists over 80,000 couples from different parts of the world, there are surprising and yet illuminating findings to get us reflect on love and marriage.  The results show that men are much more likely than women—48% vs. 28%—to fall in love at first sight.  33% more men than women around the world say it bothers them “a lot” that their significant other isn’t more romantic.  We are usually capable of starting a big love flame with some “fire-starters”, the big question is about how does one keep the love flame strong and alive in the marriage?  How do we identify the impediments that will sabotage the love flame? How do you rekindle the love flame if it has weaned off?  Discover more from our love guru who will take you to build a lifetime of “love charcoals” that will keep the flame stronger and stronger in your relationships and marriage

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