Marry Well

Marry Well

What surprises you the most about marriage?

Is it the ‘hidden’ side of your spouse that you have never seen before during the courtship? Is it having to bear with the unbearable of the differences? Is it the sudden drastic change of your spouse due to major turn of events?  Everything you experienced while you were a single now doubles when you get married.  There is the multiplication effect in terms of joy, happiness, stress, frustration, sorrow, pain, and disappointment when your spouse goes through successes, job challenges, sicknesses, physical changes, emotional roller coaster and etc.

Over the years when more roles and responsibilities come into play in the marriage, the couple naturally become busier and what usually suffers is the depth of communication.  Sometimes there is a danger of putting the relationship on the back burner.  How do you ensure the unceasing flame of romance and the depth of intimacy become stronger and more mature with each passing year like the fermentation of wine?

What does marry well mean to you? Do I get confused with what I want in a marriage versus what I actually need in a marriage? How do you deal with the differences that you find no power to change? Have the small issues in the marriage resulted in big issues because things were swept under the carpet? The coaching articles from our marriage experts and coaches will help you to take a step back in your marriage and allow you to address with potential issues and backlogs so that you will build a lasting marriage of great happiness and fulfilment

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