Study Well

Study Well

Study – is it anyone’s favourite thing to do? I wonder….

What is it for? To earn big bucks? Or for a great career? What about people who do not study hard but they become successful like Bill Gates?

What is it for at the end of the day? Are those topics that I been studying going to eventually be used for real life or is it just for the sake of going through the motion? Are there better ways to teaching this topic than the boring approach being taught to us?

We all have many questions in our head when it comes to study.  These questions are definitely real and often legitimate because no one has ever addressed these noises in our head.  All we were told was to go and study hard and we just follow what others have done and we interpret in our head that is it one of the paths to greater success in the future.  Rightly so and undeniably true to a certain extend.  Have you ever wondered what makes someone a top performer? A great achiever? Or an outstanding student?  Why do some people accomplish their goals while others fail? What makes the difference? Is it just because the person is smarter? More brilliant? Or faster in thinking? Possibly…. But could there be more? In fact, when we dig deeper, our talent and our intelligence don’t really play as big of a role as we might think.   According to the latest research studies, our intelligence only accounts for 30% of our achievement.  The thing that makes the biggest difference than talent or intelligence is Mental Resilience.  Research has begun to prove that our mental resilience plays a more critical role than anything else for achieving our goals in life which includes our studies as well.  We all cannot do away with the genes that we were born with, but we can do a lot to develop our mental resilience.  With this piece of good news, what can we do to increase our mental resilience? How can we develop good habits to achieve our study goals? What can we do if we do not like a subject? How can I do well consistently without putting on undue pressure?  Our study coaches will help to silent the noises in our head and channel our energy to the right direction towards great performance!

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